Darren is one of the best sports massage therapists my family and I have received treatment from.   My daughter is an elite artistic gymnast competing at senior level for Team GB. Training around 30hrs per week puts a great strain on her body, so to ensure she is in tip top condition she has regular weekly sessions. He’s great because he listens to her issues and treats them accordingly, sometimes using cups which I had never seen before, they are brilliant at hitting the spot!  Darren is friendly, incredibly knowledgeable and I have no hesitation in recommending him and his services.  

Ruth Jacubczyk


Morning Darren, Just reaching out to say a big thanks for yesterdays treatment. Just thought the service and treatment was first class and certainly felt the repercussions of it on last nights run / this morning! Thanks for all your work, can't recommend you enough to anyone. Have a boss christmas and i'll catch you in the new year! 🙌🎄

First and foremost, I can’t recommend Darren enough! Towards the end of 2019, I suffered from dizzy spells which over time due to my concern and worry developed into referred pain in my neck, shoulder and head, this was debilitating to say the least. Darren was referred to me by PT instructor, and wasn’t I glad to begin getting some support by him. Over a short period of time, it wasn’t just the physical treatment that relieved the pain, but also his calm and empathic approach to my condition, where we spoke at length, so he could understand and process what I was suffering from. After a few sessions, Darren had identified the root case, and got to work on a tangle of knots, this soon dispersed the referred pain in my neck head and shoulder, although the dizzy spells were still a concern, they were less frequent. Behind the scenes I was also referred to the docs, having an MRI etc, and thankfully nothing found of any concern, and most probable the issue was stress, again being able to discuss in confidence with Darren, he listened and listened again, which led to more relaxing treatment and over time the dizziness gradually evaporated. Now in lockdown I look forward to a catch up and a bit of an MOT, however can’t thank him enough for his understanding support and treatment to date.

Nick - Clevedon

Darren was recommended to me by a friend after an injury to my shoulder meant I couldn't lift weight or do CrossFit anymore. I'd suffered pain and restriction for months, and ignored it until it was so bad I couldn't ignore it any more. After just 3 sessions of treatment and following some home exercises and warm ups that Darren gave me, I was back lifting weight above my head again after not being to for 3months. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

"Lucy N - Crossfit athlete"

Before hearing about Darren, I had tried nearly every specialist in Bristol to try and sort my back and hip pain out. "you will need to book a block of 10" type of people. None of it worked long term and I had spent a fortune in the process. Just before giving up I found Darren, who came recommended by a PT I was using. I can honestly say he has changed my life. I'm able to get through the days now without pain and now try to see him every 3 weeks to keep on top of things. He really knows his stuff and a really nice guy to talk to. It's going to hurt.. but it's worth it!

"Jess B" EPIC Member

Having suffered with back pain for a long time, the treatment I received really helped, my back is now much at ease. Each session was specific, he is very knowledgeable which really helps to understand soreness and tension I had as well as giving me exercises and taping when necessary. He’s so welcoming and always managed to fit me in around my busy schedule. I will be booking a session in as soon as I can!

Amelia k - Gymnast at Gym Academy, Portishead 

I have been using Darren on a fortnightly basis for several months now and cannot recommend him highly enough. He has a very professional but relaxed manner and provides home visit treatments which are ideal for me. I have been in training for the London Marathon and as the miles have increased, he has been there to aid my muscular recovery allowing me to carry on with my training programme. Early on in my training, I developed a slight problem with PFPS around my knee, but Darren managed to clear this after just one session allowing me to continue without discomfort. It is a source of some routine between us now that he is able to tell me where I have muscular soreness caused by running before I can tell him, and he will work those areas on treatments. I absolutely trust Darren and see him providing an essential part of my training regime which I hope to continue to use into the future.

Jeff - Marathon Runner

"After several years of niggling hip pain and reduced mobility, Darren's 'magic hands' managed to sort out the problem where other treatments had failed. Just a few sessions in and the ongoing discomfort was gone, i could exercise without feeling like the joint was clicking and my mobility was hugely improved. His calm and friendly manner made it all the better".

Tessa - EPIC instructor